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Ceylon Tea Land Tea from Sri Lanka acclaimed the best tea in the world has its inherent unique characteristics and a reputation. Ceylon Tea Land Factory, we have a team that is 100% dedicated to providing a quality product and an efficient service. The Company accredits its glory of success to its dynamic workforce and the dependable customers worldwide who have been the backbone behind the successful growth of Ceylon Tea Land (Pvt.) Ltd since its inception.

We at Ceylon Tea Land have the capability to cater for varying tastes and requirements of customers in different parts of the world. Our team of dynamic Tea Tasters and Master Blenders are capable of supplying what the customer requires. We offer you teas fresh from the plantations of Sri Lanka. Ceylon Tea Land are guarantees and assures their buyers consistent quality, purity, reliable packaging, timely deliveries and excellent customer service and technical support where necessary.

Ceylon Tea Land (Pvt.) Ltd exports Black Tea and Green Tea in Tea bags, packets and bulk forms under Company owned brand name RIVON. We are also specialists in packing Private Label Teas. We contract pack Private Label Brands of several oversees buyers. We are exports tea in bulk in Traditional Chests, Paper Sacks, Large Bags or cartons – as originals or blends and tailor-made blends to suit market requirements. Our main markets are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany.

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Sri Lanka.

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